The Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection Service Makes Long Trips Safer

Many vehicle owners acquire various levels of protection for themselves and for their vehicles before they hit the roads. These protections can include factory warranties as well as run of the mill insurance. While these services have their places, they often leave many safety and coverage gaps uncovered.

This is where the specialized Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection service comes into play. This service has been giving new and nearly new vehicle owners extra levels of protection for over 35 years. It offers two separate tiers of coverage for between 850 and 5000 separate vehicle components.

In addition to these major Mopar Vehicle Protection plans, this service also offers many peripheral protections that can make long trips safer and easier. One such offering is the Mopar $1000 trip interruption protection service. Drivers of Mopar covered vehicles who break down during long trips can receive up to $1000 that pays for expenses such as car rentals, food, and even accommodations. This service can come in handy for both leisure and business travelers alike.

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