Ram ProMaster City Capability Features

When you’re looking for a van, whether for business or pleasure, you want one with many capabilities and one that can get the job done. The Ram ProMaster City, a popular cargo van and passenger wagon is just that vehicle. Whether you want to bring it, haul it or tow it, the Ram ProMaster City is capable of getting the job done.

With a hauling capacity of 150 pounds on the roof and payload of 1,885 pounds, a towing capacity of up to 2,000 pounds and cargo space of 131.7 cubic feet, the Ram ProMaster City is designed to do the job. It’s best-in-class cargo capacity offer you tons room.

We at Tyler Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram all know how under- or oversteering can really affect a ride, but the Ram ProMaster City has electronic stability control, which applies the right amount of brakes to keep you on track. The bi-load, real coil suspension also gives a smooth ride regardless of the load.

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